Primal Kaya, Initial Thoughts

January 30, 2010

A friend of mine and a new Circle player posted on our local forums wondering if Primal Kaya has become useless with the change in Spirit Door. I decided to look into this as it has been a while since I played my Circle force. The following is my reply to this concern.

I think Primal Kaya is far from being useless as I’ve played her a lot before when Hordes first game out and she’s still my favorite Warlock.

The use for Spirit Door has changed as before you would get Kaya in bring a warbeast next to her and finish the job. The new Spirit door allows you to choose any model in your battlegroup in your control to be placed within 2″ of another model in her battlegroup in her control or within 2″ of her. To me this turns Kaya into more than a one trick wonder as she can draw enemies to certain sides and then immediately remove that warbeast out of harms way while your opponent has forces dedicated to that side. This type of crowd control will be very useful in MK 2 especially in scenario based games.

With her increase in Speed from 6 to 7 she has an increased threat range of 12 inches. She’s still good for Warlock assassination with her feat but will have a hard time against casters.

I love the new Pack Hunters ability a standard +2 to attack to all your warbeasts as long as they are in your control area is very sweet. Mat 7 Argus, Mat 9 Feral Warpwolf!

Adding Satyr to her list will be awesome just for the Animus to give a Feral Warpwolf in Kayas control area a charge of 11″ MAT11 with Warped Strength of P+S 17. When you done with attacking with your Feral Warpwolf Spirit Door him back to safe spot to be unleashed again the next turn.

Lots of possibilities. Ya got me thinking I”m going to bring out my Circle again.

This is just my thoughts on the a preliminary read of her some Circle warbeasts. The wheels are turning in my head and I really want to take Kaya out for a spin again.



  1. Actually, the way Privateer Press deals with the phrase “this model” it always refers to the activating model, [“In a model’s rules, “this model” always refers to the model
    carrying the rule. page 3 of field test rules]so in this case Kaya. This means the spell still is Kaya moving to within two inches of a warbeast or a warbeast moving to within two inches of Kaya.

    As before the model cannot move after being placed, but with the latest card update to Spirit Door the model cannot attack either.

    This is definitely a limitation, not an opportunity for new possibilities.

    Additionally, in the latest card version Kaya’s +2 to attack is now limited to melee only and living beasts only.

    Why only melee and living? In the fiction she supposedly is really in connected with warbeasts (Kaya the Wildborne). And why limit her Spirit Door to a one trick pony which is the runaway manuever now (either the beast or Kaya).

    If the problem was that the +2 attack across the board to all warbeasts was too much power, okay, then alter it to a +1 across the board to all the warbeasts.

    I would rather have the original version 2006 of Kaya rather than the new version.

  2. I’ll take the +2 to melee and to only living over +1 over all or the +1 MK1 version (that was hard to keep track of).

    The still prefer the new one over the old one as she was only really a one trick pony.

    I’ve decided to dust off my Circle and play them as I have faith and confidence the Privateer knows what they are doing. Not because I’m a fan but because they have more data, more play experience than I do. They also have a great track record in games development.

  3. Fair enough. :)

    I suppose what I don’t like is the multiple alterations to the model when there was the initial field test version and then four more card updates. None of which tried any of the four alterations now present on Kaya (1. melee only, 2. living only, 3. Spirit door = no attack, 4. soothing song only once). For the record I think soothing song once only is fine. It is hard to know if any one fix is the proper fix when all are implemented at once.

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