Privateer Press News from TempleCon

February 5, 2010

From: http://twitter.com/privateerevents

Summary of panel discussion: Simon Berman explains the mkII fiction will all be unified to be one coherent story over the forces books.

Leagues will be more casual and have more prizes other than playing lots of games. Trying to promote community.

Leagues will have multiplayer and team based games.

PPS_Jack says a new version of PP events website will be coming out soon that will be more user friendly.

PPS_DC received over 10,000 submissions to the field test. Sometimes just one well written submission though could be the diff.

Infernals won’t be giving instant answers anymore. PP wants to have move to seasonal updates posted with a sum of answers.

There will be 3 leagues of 3 weeks each. Plus Summer Rampage over 5 weeks.

PPS_Simon says there will be more organized staff communication events once the rush of mkII dies down.

The Minion force book will have a LOT more models in it according to Jason Soles. Panel over!


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