15 Points Retribution

February 17, 2010

Next week Saturday our local game shop is having a 15 point Warmachine tournament. Up for grabs are faction coins. I’m tweaking around for different lists but I think I definitely want to go jack heavy.

Here are a couple lists I’m thinking of.

Dawnlord Vyros -6
Arcanist 1
Manticore 8
Manticore 8
Griffon 4

Dawnlord Vyros

Phoenix 10
Phoenix 10
Arcanist 1

I’ve already field tested the first list and it worked pretty well. The second list is just a thought. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to comment.


One comment

  1. I would run Kaelyssa at this points level, 1/4th of your force is your warcaster and very few can survive Kaelyssa’s tricks.

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