Steampunk Arachnid Efficiency

April 11, 2010

To get the most of my Malifaux Steampunk Arachnids I decided to magnetize them. Here are some pics. I’ll update later with a video.

Updated with video.


One comment

  1. I like the idea of magnetizing my steampunk arachnids / swarms. I’m going the opposite direction with my magnets, though. I’m using the smallest (1/16″) rare earth magnets from the variety pack, drilling holes in the bottom of my spiders, and gluing them in. Then I just have to put either their opposite magnet in my basing (which, since I didn’t bother to face all of my magnets the same way, I won’t be doing) or put magnet friendly metal onto my basing for them.

    I’ve already used magnets, paired off, on my Guild Executioner’s claws so as to pose them as I see fit, and on my Freikorps Specialist’s Flammenwerfer Tanks so as to remove them when / if I use Detonate Tanks to represent he no longer has use of that weapon.

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