Menoth vs. Khador Battle Report… Sort Of…

May 25, 2010

Today I played a quick game of Warmachine with my friend. We both had 50 points. I used Kreoss and my friend used the new Khador caster (the name escapes me).


I won the starting roll and decided to go second to take advantage of the tier where I get to deploy Gravus and my cav. during advance deployment.

End of Round 1

Nothing much done. Mainly running up and positioning.

End of Round 2

My Errants get assaulted by Assault Commandos. My cav and Gravus run to flank.

End of Round 3

Kreoss popped his feat. Knights Exemplar charge the Demo Crew and killed them with their auto-hit weapon master charges. Fire of Salvation boxes Beast-09. Other Exemplars destroy some Assault Commands and get set on fire from destroying the flame thrower. Gravus charges the Decimator and the Vengers position themselves to charge the caster next turn. Great bears kill the Senshal.

End of Round 4

Great Bears boxes my Vengers, Behemoth boxes my Fire of Salvation. At this time we have to call it a quits due to some time constraints.

Over all it was very fun game. Wish we had time to finish it. This game made me realize I need another unit of Bastions.



  1. I don’t play Warmachine but it looks fun.

  2. It’s a ton of fun. I encourage you to check it out if you can.

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