Voltron Monsterpocalypse Initial Thoughts

June 23, 2010

Today I got an advance copy of Voltron Battle Miniatures game. The set is a stand alone set that is compatible with Monsterpocalypse. Included in the set are 22 figures. 1 Voltron figure, 5 Voltron Lion figures, 5 Voltron Galaxy Garrison Cruiser, 1 Lo-Tron, 4 Robeasts and 5 Lo-Tron force Skull Ship figures. Also included are 4 health tracking tokens, 4 dice tracking tokens, a double sided game mat and 1 full color rulebook.

The map smaller than the normal Monsterpocalypse map and measures roughly 2′ x 2′. There is no building placement or strategy in this game as all the “terrain” elements are right on the map. On each side are rules references for each corresponding side so thumbing through the rulebook to look up a special ability is not require nor is checking the base for special abilities. There are elements on the map that take place of your standard Monsterponcalypse health tracker (the one that comes in starters) and takes place of requiring each player to have their own set of dice. Cardboard token are used to keep track of life and dice pools on top of the map. The downside to this method is that the tokens can easily be knocked out of place.

The rulebook is 23 pages long in full color and filled with lots of illustrations and diagrams.

I played a quick game today and quickly remembered how fun Monsterpocalypse was. I really hope to see more of these stand alone sets soon. Here are some pictures of the models and you can expect from them.

More pictures of all the figures along with their bases can be found in my gallery.


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