Pulp City Downloads

Here are some game resources I made for Pulp City.

Gaming Aides

Starter Cards

Resource Cards



  1. […] 2008 I’ve made some gaming aides for the newly released Pulp City rules set. Check them out here. Currently there are the […]

  2. Very cool, thanks man

  3. The symbols are missing from both your printer friendly stat card files for several of the characters actions. Good stuff otherwise though.

  4. Have you downloaded the latest files? If not could you check again and let me know which ones are giving the error. Thanks.

  5. Nice set of resources man! Cheers. If the tokens were symmetrical it would make printing them double sided a lot easier ;) But great job none the less … awesome, thanks!

  6. Solid stuff! And well-organized… unlike the confusion I feel about the forum.

  7. These will definitely come in handy for the demos tonight. Was using a pair of printed rulebooks in a binder, but these will definitely speed things up!


  8. Couple corrections for the Quick Reference Sheet we found while playing this Thursday:

    The Throw action is AP3, not AP2.
    The number of Citizens should be equal to the Encounter level.
    And the count for how many Supremes you should have for Encounter level 8 is… off.

    But the sheet was invaluable! Thanks again.

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