Confrontation Age of Rag’narok Rules

conf_4_couv_p.jpgConfrontation Age of Rag’narok is a mass battle fantasy miniatures game published by Rakham in France and distributed by Fantasy Flight in English speaking markets. This edition of the game is a total revamp from previous editions changing direction of a fantasy skirmish game using metal miniatures to a fantasy mass battle game using plastic pre-painted miniatures.

The game is played either on the provide 16.5″ x 21.5″ two sided game mat or on a table surface of your own choosing. The only limitation on the basic set up is that there is at least 15 cm from the center of the table to your sides deployment zone. This is outlined more in the advance rules toward the end of the book.

There are 5 basic battles in the generals rules. These battles are tailored to anyone who has never played a miniature war game and introduces basic game concepts with each battle.

Battle 1 – The Duel
In this battle you learn basic movement of miniatures and how hand to hand combat and damage is resolved. Confrontation movement is measured in centimeters. Each unit has a corresponding reference card that outlines their basic attributes in the game. Special abilities are not noted on the cards and can be looked up online through their respective army sheets.

Battle 2 – In The Wolf Trap
In this battle, you are introduced to the Tactical Phase of the game. This is the phase where your decided the order of activating your units by setting the order of your cards left to right. There are also 6 different game modes that add variety to the way your set up your cards ranging from a randomly drawn to face up for all to see. The player is all introduced to the Authority roll which is basically 1D6 plus the Authority attribute of your Commander.

Battle 3 – The Beast is Cornered!
This battle introduces new concepts such as Run (twice movement) and Assault (less than or equal to twice movement) and formations. Ranged attack and Area of Effect weapons are also introduced even though none of the miniatures in the starter have these abilities. Reinforcements for the Griffin player are also introduced in this battle.

Battle 4 – The Seal of the Dragon
The Control Phase is outlined in this battle where concepts of Faith Points, Mana Points and Elixir are introduced. To win this battle the goal is to collect Elixir by controlling the top of the Seal of the Dragon, the included terrain piece in the starter.

Battle 5 – Fear Changes Side
Moral is introduced in this battle. When a unit has fallen below half of its starting members it must take a Courage Test which can me modified by other factors such as units greater in power or are frightening. Fleeing is not a good thing in this game as if you flee and are already engaged those fighters are eliminated. You will be able to rally them before they flee.

Advance Rules
After these 5 basic battle your are introduced to Confrontation’s advance rules. Unit categories are outlined. There are 5 types of units, Infantry, Cavalry, Creatures , War Machines and Titans. Mystics are explained which cover Faith and Mana. Incarnates are introduced. They are the backbone of every army and the main reason for the collection of Elixir.


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