Confrontation Starter Box Contents

Yesterday I picked up my Confrontation Age of Rag’narok starter from my local game store. In this starter set you 14 miniatures, 6 Rackham dice, 1 Rackham tape measure, 1 “seal of the dragon” terrain element, rulebook, 2 sided map and 6 cards. The are two factions represented in the starter. You get 4 Wolfen hunters and Serethis the Wolf commander 8 Griffin spearmen and Abel the Griffin commander. Besides getting this starter from my LGS, I also go the free special edition figure. Nothing real special about this figure as it is Abel from the starter box set. I just wish it was something else.

The models are made out of plastic that are similar to that of Heroclix but stiffer. The Griffins have a total of 9 miniatures included. Able, the leader is the unique figure in this bunch. Due to varying poses it initially looks like there are all unique models when they are not.

After some careful examination there seems to be 3 leg types and 3 arm types (left and right) for the spearmen. The Wolfen seem to all be unique in leg, arms and head types. The paint jobs are ok. They are the best pre-painted miniatures currently on the market. You can see for yourself from the pictures I have attached to this review.

The hill is a nice accessory to the set, great part about it is that I can use it for other games. The green on the hill looks kind of flat and could use another dry brush of lighter green. I really hope Rackham puts out more of these terrain elements so that I can use them in other fantasy games.

The two-sided map is small, a lot smaller than the map that came with the AT-43 starter. It has a grassy side and a desert side. I would me nice to have a 4’ x 4’ printed version of this kind of map to play on.

The great part of this starter is we get the full rules for this new version of Confrontation. In similar fashion to the AT-43 starter we are introduced to playing Confrontation in various phases though missions. There are 5 missions to go through before you are pointed to the advance rules. Through each mission basic game concepts are introduced allowing the player to play and learn as they go.

This weekend I hope to play a game and post my initial thoughts. If it’s anything like AT-43 I’m sure I will be pleased.


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